Thursday, March 13, 2008

Charlie in his 'hepper' bed

Charlie is doing better these days. He finished up most of his antibiotic a couple weeks ago, however toward the end of the 21 day course, he started having a bad reaction to the medicine. We stopped it and over a period of a week he got back to his usual self. The unfortunate part was after retesting Charlie for the bacteria, the little nasty bug was still hanging on. His symptoms have subsided so we will just have to wait and see. We won't re-medicate him until we really need to. For now, he seems as if he is back to normal... eating, sleeping, playing and incessantly meowing to get into bathroom. Yeah, our Charlie is back.

As a treat, Charlie received an upgrade in sleeping quarters. See the first post photo, which showed that he had taken a liking to a big box with crinkly paper we were about to throw away. To soothe his disappointment since we were going to have to dispose of it, we thought we'd try for something more stylish. Though I must say, I think he preferred the cheap box we had, which for us was starting to take up too much space and become a major eye sore. Anyway, check it out. It is on the small side, but cats really have a way of curling into a tight ball. He is starting to like it but might prefer something more cushy, as the Hepper is pretty low to the ground and has only one nice layer of soft stuff. You see he liked the high stack of crinkly brown papers in the box we had. Maybe we'll have to add some to the Hepper...

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